Monday, September 22, 2014

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Adding Structure & Value

"A Sharp Eye (superlative): Of keen perception; quick to discern or distinguish; having nice discrimination; acute; penetrating; sagacious; clever; as, a sharp eye; sharp sight, hearing, or judgment."

In this line of work, having a sharp eye makes all the difference! Our attention to detail and professionalism makes us stand out. We are proud of our commitment to make sure we take care of every last detail so that you don’t have to worry about it.


Our Mission

         The mission of Sharp Eye Contracting is to bring structure and value. We do that by providing Professional, Quality, and Detailed work. By doing so it will not only make your property more marketable, which will bring higher sales prices, but will also give you a sense of comfort. We’re here to take the hard part out and give you an easy button. 


Professional Presence

When dealing with Sharp Eye Contracting you will receive 24 hour customer service. For any concerns, questions, or future work you will deal with prompt, on time, on budget management and professional  contractors.


Quality Work

We have some the best contractors with over 15 years experience in the construction industry. We use Grade A supplies on all our renovation and repair job sites. We stand behind our work because we build to last.


Detailed Services

Sharp Eye Contracting works within your budget. While doing so, we work very quickly and expertly while keeping an eye for detail. We provide all of your renovation and property preservation needs; painting, plumbing, winterizations, landscaping, and more.

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